Is Your Safety On?

This project is for supporting an organization which working on gun control. It shows the data and fact in an interactive way that can deliver the information logically and emotionally. This project shows the death rates caused by gun shooting every year in four countries, the U.S, the Uni- ted Kingdom, Switzerland, and New Zealand. I also designed this website to deliver more information, such as the main gun policies in the four countries, the basic gun facts, my data resources and relative news.

Media: Interactive installation, Infographic, Poster

My Observation

Gun control is always a hot topic in America. Both sides of the argument have abundant reasons. So i collected data about gun criminal in the U.S, and relative policies. I also did the same research on the other three countries. The data reveals that the more limitation the country has in policy, the less gun criminal it has.


Here is the research and concept design

Here is the Prototyping and making process:

For the prototyping, I start with trying to only connect one paper figure to the trigger structure. After tried several ways, I finally find a structure works smoothly.

Than I designed all the elements I need and laser cut them on a thick paper board. I have tried several materials like different kinds of wood board and metal, but paper board is the most flexible material to work with.