LinkedIn Mobile APP redesign

This is a UX/UI redesign project for LinkedIn Mobile App. The goals for this project it to offer a better usability experience solution for LinkedIn mobile APP users. Our team revised seven tasks and added key features, including the ability to discretely disconnect from contacts. Our process started with analyzing the original app and included persona building, process flows, and multiple rounds of usability testing.

After some basic research on LinkedIn’s business model and target audience, we surveyed local LinkedIn users and found that most preferred the website to the app. We wanted to know why, so we did some initial usability tests of the LinkedIn app. We found several major design problems: help or directions were hard to find; several tasks were inefficiently spread over multiple screens; and the overcrowded home page and menus discouraged first-time users. We created a site map, which confirmed that many tasks overlapped on the original LinkedIn app.

Concept and Personas

Concept Development
Using these insights, we chose seven key user tasks for redesign, and built three basic personas. Each persona had their own scenarios and process flows based on key tasks.

Prototype and User test

After build the personas, we created and tested paper prototypes for each task, then used those to create digital wire frames, which we ran through four rounds of testing and revision. Only then did we design the visual interface. We conducted several more user tests of the final design in order to maximize usability.

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My Responsibility in This Project

Created persona, scenarios and flow charts.
Created sketches for the paper and digital prototype.
Designed the final prototype and user testing.